People of Whole Foods

There I was, minding my own business, getting five servings of vegetables juiced into one not-so-tasty beverage when this — THIS — walked into my line of sight.

I had to snap fast. Had I taken my time I would have also captured the skimpy cami up top that revealed the lengths of both bra straps.

The twitter comments ranged from “#WeDifferent” to “That’s Leslie” to “What’s the problem? I have a pair of those.” My favorite was from @IsadoraVail, who suggested we start a “People of Whole Foods” blog, akin to the People of Walmart cybercreation.

A Message from My Brother

This was too long to tweet for him, on his @rhuinchina account. A random message I received from Roger this morning:

You know what I hate about China?  Everytime you ask someone something, regardless of what you ask – the conversation goes something like this…

Me: “Do you know where to get laundry detergent?”
Them: “Over there or walk straight”

Me: “Do you know how much it would cost?”
Them: “Not much or pretty expensive”

Me: “Do you know approximately how far it is?”
Them: “Not far or very far”

Me: “Do you know what the temperature is?”
Them: “Not cold or very hot”

(I will put this in my “OUTRAGE” category for Roger.)

Some Recent Outrages

You know how much I love a good outrage. Being outraged is probably one of my favorite things besides profanity and politics. For some reason I am outraged by many things at once right now, which is kind of inconvenient because I can’t concentrate fully on one particular outrage this way. Anyway, a short list:

1.) Another Grey’s Anatomy/Private Practice “crossover event”

Both programs are pretty awful, I know. IMHO, Grey’s peaked at the end of the second season with the whole Denny-LVAD wire drama. It’s been downhill ever since, and I watch for pure pop melodrama pleasure. Stiles banned it from our DVR so I usually have to watch it online.

But the Grey’s spinoff,  Private Practice,  is even worse. Last season, the creator and EP of both shows married the two for a crossover episode where you had to watch PP in order to follow the storyline of Grey’s. It’s an obvious ploy to help the ratings of the lesser program. But also a waste of my time, because if we were interested in the characters and storylines of the other show, WE WOULD WATCH THE OTHER SHOW.

Now, next week, the producers are doing it to us again. Another crossover event. That’s an outrage.

2.) Luke Wilson shilling for AT&T

Here’s the cerebral star of many of my favorite films, including-but-not-limited-to The Royal Tenenbaums. He doesn’t appear to be that interested  in  fame or money, but ended up with both.  Now he appears to be blatantly selling one for the other. AND FOR AT&T, the phone/internet provider that’s locked in a battle to keep the U.S. broadband network from getting upgraded to much faster speeds. This is perhaps more of a shame than an outrage.

3.) Subscription cards in magazines

This one’s just unacceptable. I can’t believe I haven’t written every single blog post about this particular outrage. I can’t open a new magazine without eighteen subscription cards falling out, and then a week later re-open the magazine to find another subscription  card in there. Seriously, what percentage of new subscribers to magazines mail in a little card,  in some instances where postage is required? And in many instances, where another piece of mail must be sent (like a check) in order to activate the subscription?  Since this happens to all of us, I’m sure subscription card litter winds up everywhere. OUTRAGE.