Phone Book FAIL

Are you kidding me? Don’t tell me to calm down about this. These phone books/epic waste of trees have been obsolete for at least the last half decade and yet I still get NEW ONES dropped off of my porch every few months or so. This is a classic OUTRAGE, people.

4 thoughts on “Phone Book FAIL

  1. I was shocked — shocked! — to read your note and realize that there was something printed inside those paper bricks. I checked, and gosh darn it all to heck’n fire, you’re right. Of course, I had to move my computer monitor to look. But now I know why for the past several years, the guy I bought my computer set up from looked confused when I’d pick up a new thumb drive and say, ‘”Hey, thanks again for dropping off that great looking stand for my monitor! How’d you know the wall behind it was yellow?” Now I just need to think of something at Bertha’s Craft Shop I can use these coupons for.

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