People of Whole Foods

There I was, minding my own business, getting five servings of vegetables juiced into one not-so-tasty beverage when this — THIS — walked into my line of sight.

I had to snap fast. Had I taken my time I would have also captured the skimpy cami up top that revealed the lengths of both bra straps.

The twitter comments ranged from “#WeDifferent” to “That’s Leslie” to “What’s the problem? I have a pair of those.” My favorite was from @IsadoraVail, who suggested we start a “People of Whole Foods” blog, akin to the People of Walmart cybercreation.

One thought on “People of Whole Foods

  1. I agree! We need that website! I have a picture of a lady at WFM in CO. She had a cart full of groceries, was wearing a silver bicycle helmet,extremely short shorts for a 65+ish yr old (not quite like your pic) a bedazzled t-shirt and boots up to her knees in Sept.
    1) the short shorts with boots to the knees is a common fashion item at this store; usually it is on a 20 something, but I don’t get it. If it’s warm enough for shorts its too hot for boots, and if it’s cold enough for boots its way too cold for shorts.
    2) I cant imagine riding a bike in those boots
    3) If you are not riding a bike then, the bicycle helmet is for safety in the store?

    good times.

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