Need to quit straddling reality (employment needed at some point) and fantasy (would rather flit around the world meeting new people, experiencing new things…forever.) Haven’t decided which one to indulge, so I remain in limbo. After a good talk with Marty Haag in Dallas last week, I gained a lot of momentum to hit the job hunt hard, but the next day talked to mom, who said she’s looking up packages for a week in India.

Stacey and I went to the Missouri River today, the site of one of my brushes with death. (See September entries.) Talked with an old man who has worked the river for 53 years. Must edit, but I think it will be an OK feature/news story.

On an unrelated note, why do they keep playing Coldplay’s “Clocks” on every TV show? I hate it when overuse ruins the novelty of a good song.

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