Woody’s Goodbye Tonight (And Terpstra’s)

Tonight, Johnathan Woodward, aka “Woody,” aka “J-Wo,” aka “J-Dub” aka “my-friend-that-shares-an-affinity-for-the-TV-show-Ed” will have a get together at a local watering hole to say goodbye. But we can all keep up to date on his wanderings in OUT SAVING THE WORLD, his reknowned blog. Where would the world be without these things? Finding the cure for cancer and heart disease, perhaps.

Woodward, never to be self-indulgent, will share his goodbye with one Patrick Terpstra, who heads to Florida tomorrow to begin a job with a 24 hour cable operation in Orlando. I don’t know if Woodward knows this part yet, but he will also be sharing his goodbye with one Chris Becker, who took a job as a producer in Kansas City, at the Fox station, WDAF.

So, lots of goodbyes these days. My friendship base in Columbia is dwindling away, only to be replaced very soon by returning friends who have yet to graduate and must come back for fall semester. Not that anyone is truly replaceable…no one eats nachos quite like Chris Becker, has an obnoxiously long tongue as Patrick Terpstra, and borrows lines from pop culture just-so-appropriately as Johnathan Woodward.

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