That Beamer Is A Lemon

Cousin Clarence in Maryland is getting married September 6, which sort of changes some plans I had to leave the country by the end of August. So, looks like I’ll be in Bermuda August 1-10, then San Diego Aug 13-18, back in MO for a few weeks, then go to Clarence’s wedding September 6. THEN, I’ll be able to leave for my transcendental trip around the Asian continent.

Back from D. Didn’t want to leave, as usual. When I was there, I sort of regretted choosing TV news as a career path because it means being relegated to places like Terre Haute, Indiana or Fort Smith, Arkansas for a couple of years. I’ll keep praying something will work out in a more desirable place to live, or alternatively, that I meet a sugar daddy real quick.

My car made it back in one piece, after dropping six hundred bones upon my arrival after my right front brake pretty much fell off…the bolts connecting the caliper, which connects the brake pads, fell off…which essentially meant I had no front brakes for four hours of my drive into Texas. WOO HOO. I should have gotten a Volvo.

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