Roger’s Downstairs

I am not a Katie Couric fan. It creates cognitive dissonance in me when she goes from asking Serena Williams at 8am “Do you work out?” to asking Lacy Petersen’s mom “Did your son in law off your daughter?” twelve hours later.

Enough opining from me. Had IHOP for breakfast. My sociology class looks to be reading intensive. And, my brother moved in downstairs for the summer. It’s nice because he buys groceries and cleans the downstairs bathroom. Plus, he’s my brother! Grin.

I look at sometimes to see where there are openings even though I’m not near ready to job hunt. It looks like the job market sucks. That is, unless one’s preference is to live in Arkansas.

One thought on “Roger’s Downstairs

  1. you get no props for the Arkansas comment…besides, what’s so bad about it?  anyway, it’s been a long time..halla back sometime…

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