Three More Hours

The small victory of the week was getting the last remaining unfilled seat in a sociology class called “the family.” I need three more random hours to graduate, though im not sure i really need them – because I have an advisor who’s not so good with the details of her job. Only, when you are an academic advisor, details ARE your job. Seeing the inherent problem here?? This summer class meets two hours a day for a month, and then I am officially finished with my undergraduate education forever.

My summer goal (as if I have any hope to meet it, seeing as my new years resolution to make my bed everyday failed on January 2) is to read a lot of books. I lived in a basement last summer and it must have been conducive to reading because I did a lot of it. But now I’ve been out of school for almost a month and I’m still not done with the Karl Rove biography. See “Currently Reading” for details.

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