Maya Angelou, Karaoke

I’m not sure that this is something to bother mentioning, let alone brag about, but I watched the “Making the Band II – Diddy Style” marathon tonight at Justin’s. I really didn’t want to go anywhere, but he bought me cashew chicken to eat at his house so, it was enough of an arm twisting to get me to go. We spent Wednesday doing Karaoke, American style. Definitely not the same. In Taipei KTV is this private, posh, high roller activity where people take their turns at the mic very seriously. Here its this big, open, sports bar with shiny belt buckled people kind of event. And whether or not you can carry a tune is a non issue. But enjoyable all the same. Like Maya Angelou said, “We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike.”

Did I just quote Maya Angelou in reference to the cultural differences of karaoke? Time to go to bed.

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