I just got back from New York! Im so glad I went, because I can never stay in this town for long stretches of time, and when i say long stretch, i mean something like three weeks.

I visited Ryan Merlo and saw my friend who I met in Taipei, Jerry. I was only there for the weekend, but like Taipei, you pack so much into a day in New York that it feels like my trip was much longer. A major highlight of the trip was Serendipity 3, the dessert restaurant made famous by the movie, Serendipity, where they serve frozen hot chocolates. We ate all the time, even though eating is not cheap – what IS cheap in new york though, really? In fact, we hit a Sex and the City location – Sushi Samba, for a japanese-brazilian-peruvian fusion kind of experience. I’ve never had guacamole in my sushi, but it was excellent.

More on New York later, but I wanted to put in a little update  for now since I had a minute.

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  1. So thats where you’ve been! You were slackin on the posts! hehe. anyways we’ll have to finish our conversation about taiwan later, but you prob already read about it on my page. hehe. ttyl!

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