Right, so, the allergies…not improving. I reported both Monday and Tuesday, doing war related stories on both days. I also anchored KOMU News Today, the morning show, yesterday. It meant getting up at 3:30 and I never think that’s too cool. But I dont mind being up as much as being unable to breathe through my nose. It’s created so many problems and is interfering with my life. Im supposed to anchor the five today with Beth Malicki, but ive been breathing through my mouth so much that my throat is sore and I can barely speak louder than a whisper. Plus I sound all clogged up and that never makes you want to watch the news. I told my dad i should get Zyrtec or Singulair, and he’s like, who told you to get that? And I said, “the commercial.” It made me realize those damn prescription drug commercials we are supposed to “ask our doctors” about are infiltrating my mind…ahhh!!!

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