Lily’s blog is so fascinating. She actually writes about deeper, more meaningful personal stuff. I pretty much steer clear of that kind of thing, especially because I think all that public posting will eventually come and bite you in the ass.

I didn’t have an extremely productive day until about two hours ago, when there was only one hour in the day left. Ironic. I went an digitized several of the video and soundbites for my ongoing rock-umentary project. It’s insane, going through hours and hours of video…

Reported yesterday, and Haag shot for me, but we had to sit there and wait for an hour or so before actually figuring out what we were going to cover, because on Wednesday nights there are about 12 more reporters than are needed now that another class of broadcast students have joined us at the station.

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  1. hey elise!  it’s patrick from high school.  i sent you an email a while back and didn’t get a response, but i just chanced upon your blog so i figured i’d drop you another message.  hope things are going well.

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