So, the weather in mid-Mo is beautiful all of a sudden, but wreaking havoc on my allergies. I went running on this trail near my house this morning, and it felt great, until about 2 miles into it when my wheezing got the better of me and I had to walk back. Then I rushed to Walgreens to buy myself some OTC Claritin…thank goodness it is over the counter now, but gee whiz, it cost me about 1.50 per pill. For the rest of this allergy season, I’m just having my daddy swipe me some prescription allegra from his work. (Dad’s a pharmacist at St. Joseph Hospital in St. Louis.)

Spring break has begun, but now that I have a renewed purpose – reporting – I am going to report and anchor for much of the week. I will, however, go out of town at the end of the week to see Ryan Merlo in NYC. Recall he is there interning at Good Morning America and big pimpin’.

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