War’s broken out, and I’ve gotten my bootie in gear to cover it. A bustling newsroom where everyone is freaking out and under pressure totally makes me feel at home, for some reason. It was just calling my name this morning, so I went in to fax something and instead of getting in and getting out, news director Stacey asked me to work tonight. Since I didnt have anything else better to do, I said yes and called my photographer Andrew.

Haag got his butt in gear too and met me around 5 to do an evening of shooting war resistance around Columbia. We went to a rush hour peace protest and a peace dinner, a dinner that smelled really good but was extremely short on protein, being a vegan meal and all. Oh well, ethics would govern that we shouldnt eat the food anyway, and we didn’t. Today since I worked with Haag all day I thought Id post a picture of two people I write a lot about and spend much time with  – Andrew and Stacey. 

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