Can’t Feel My Face

It’s been bitterly cold in Missouri this week, so cold, in fact, that I had to turn on Live with Regis and Kelly for some artificial warmth.

But speaking of TV, Wednesday was my second near death experience within five days. Stacey, the News Director, sent me outside into the below freezing (without wind chill) temperatures to report live about something that wasn’t breaking news, nor did it require going live at all. I packaged a story on Bush’s economic stimulus plan but at 10 oclock had to stand outside for twenty minutes in front of a grocery store talking about the econ package in the cold. I couldn’t feel my face so there was a delay between the time I pronounced the words with my lips and when the words actually translated into sounds. Going live for live’s sake has become my new pet peeve!

I’ve become a subscriber to – The inside dirt on TV News, which has, well, inside dirt on people in the industry. Internal TV memos, ownership changes, its terrible of me to read and I’m probably going to hell for it, but it’s become a guilty pleasure.

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