Pulling an “Elise”

Haag and I ass kicked on a story yesterday about a music settlement where you can get your money back for buying CDs between 1995 and 2000. You can read more about it by clicking on the link….but basically you can get up to 20 bucks back because of an antitrust settlement.

Then, there’s my friend TK, who coined the term, “pulling an elise,” describing going on some random impulsive adventure, often with someone you dont know that well, in spite of high amounts of responsibility back in reality-world.

TK11s: yo…i’m totally pullin an elise
EliseWho: hows that?
TK11s: i decided to take a trip with a buddy to edinbourgh, scotland10 minutes ago leaving in less than 24 hours and i havea presentation tomorrow morning!
EliseWho: Man. That is TOTALLY an “Elise.”
TK11s: i know…i barely know this kid


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