Perfect Cookies

So today my ass kicking friend James and I went to one of those self service car washes to wash my temporary car. He pretty much did the whole thing because I kept using the wrong kind of rinse. Its our last day of freedom before my final semester as a Mizzou student starts and funny thing is I’m acting like its not even going to happen.

Matt Simon and I made dinner for ourselves at his place and I was amazed by my cooking efficiency (I’m starting to become my mom – not a bad thing), and how perfect the cookies turned out. Which means I DO have a sucky oven, my hypothesis was correct!

I’m still sick, congested as ever. Sound nasally and annoying when I talk because everything that comes out of my mouth sounds like I’m whining.

One thought on “Perfect Cookies

  1. Hey girl! I’m glad to hear that you’re A-OK.   Didn’t even know you got in an accident!  Anyways take care of yourself and feel better soon!

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