I’m sorry about going negative, but my roomate has bounced two of his utility checks he owes me now, which means Im STILL out 166 dollars….half of which is bills payment from November. If Im not mistaken, its not November anymore. Or even December. Or even 2002.

Back in CoMo. Back with a cold or something. My dad makes me take medicine because he’s a pharmacist and all and that’s what he does, but I’m particularly wary of pharmaceuticals, myself. If I can be as addicted to caffeine as I am, there’s no telling what taking too much Advil could do, ya know?

Got in a car wreck yesterday. My car is destroyed on one side, but I am still in one piece and I will have the car back in a few weeks. Until then I’m driving around Mom’s car, because she doesnt have to drive it or anything – she’s been workin’ in Taipei. I took a curve and spun out, losing all control of my car and to a blazer was coming at me because I was spinning into oncoming traffic. Divine providence threw my car up onto a curve, ruining its axle and busting the rim, but avoiding any collisions with other cars. Whew.

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