Yay! I’ve been back in big D for two days now and having a blast. My friend Stacey came down with me because we were actually working on some news stories I’ll air during February sweeps. We met with the chief of epidemiology at UT Southwestern Medical Center yesterday and then did more interviews, shot B roll and did standups all day today as well.

Though fog came over Dallas today despite a sunny yesterday, Andrew Haag, my friend and photog joined Stacey and me on our shoot. It made the whole thing a lot more fun than we were already having, because Haag and Stacey are both huge smartasses and talented photogs and get along well. In downtown this afternoon we’d stopped at a restaurant and parked along the street so Haag and I could go use the bathroom and when I was getting back in the car a few minutes later, Haag suddenly says, “Do NOT look down. Do NOT look down.” Of course, I look down, and there was a HUGE DEAD BIRD right at my feet. Haag and I seem to have established a pattern of seeing obnoxious road kill every time we are shooting together. When we drive to St. Louis for rockumentary stuff, its almost a rule that there’s some bloody boar-sized animal killed in the middle of the road. NOT cool!!

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