Getting the Governor

I had to work a nightside shift at the station today and wasn’t terribly excited about it because it was just a routine general assignment shift and I would have rather been working on my stories we shot last week in Dallas. But I still had to pitch story ideas, and let me tell ya, they were winners. I came up with crap like When Drinking Too Much Water Means Disaster and etc.

So I basically didn’t report so that I could edit Dallas stories, but for that privilege I had to shoot these candidate interviews for a girl who was working on them. When we got to the democratic party headquarters it turned out that Governor of Missouri, Bob Holden decided to turn up in town just for a few hours to do door to door campaigning. My nose for news kicked in and once he and his people came in, I asked if we could follow him around with the camera as he went door to door, campaigning for senator Jean Carnahan. This reeeeeallly close Senate election is going on in Missouri right now.

This was an exclusive because tonight’s stop in Columbia for the governor was not a press event, I just stumbled upon it…ended up getting the interview too. It was awesome! He’s a bit of a tool though, but that’s ok.

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