Dixie Chicks/Pat Green

So….no news on my bags yet. I really do want to get the news packages that we shot on Friday edited and on the air ASAP, but not until I have a toothbrush and other belongings back. Last night I was too tired to buy a new toothbrush so I chewed a WHOLE BUNCH of Gum. I like the dark blue Extra.

The weekend was phenomenal though. I saw Lauren Cavender, who will be my maid of honor in about twenty years when I finally find a man and get married, and stayed with her. I also got a chance to hang out with my pal Ryan Fernandez (yes, that’s right, another Ryan.) We went in a group to the Dixie Chicks/Pat Green concert, which was at the Cotton Bowl. I was looking around the crowd of probably 60,000 or so and thought to myself, gee whiz, there’s the same number of people here at this concert as there are that live in the city of Columbia. Pitiful! Ah well, I’m back in Columbia anyway, refueled to kick some ass in covering the news.

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