Homecoming Weekend

It’s homecoming weekend here. Mizzou has the patent on homecoming, so it’s a HUGE deal here. We had the first homecoming EVER….kind of cool. And John Anderson, host of ESPN Sportscenter is here because he’s an alum and he did some talks. So did Major Garrett, of Fox News. I wonder if I’ll be inclined to come back for homecoming in the future. I like Mizzou, but don’t LOVE it. Maybe once I’m away from it I’ll start missing it a lot. Things are weird like that. I started liking Dallas a lot more after I left.

We actually won the game, and I went to it with my friend Amanda and other girls. I can’t believe this happened to me, but at one point when the crowd around us was really quiet, we started gossiping about Tim-from-Princeton, who I was set up with a few weeks back. And I said something like he was such a tool and she said something like, “thats whats wrong with set ups, it ruins every chance of ever having a normal conversation with the person ever again” and stuff like that.

Then I looked past her head and TIM WAS SITTING RIGHT BEHIND US THE WHOLE TIME. Like RIGHT behind us. I cannot believe I didn’t notice that before. I spent the rest of the game trying to hide from being in his line of sight, it was so humiliating. Omigosh.

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