Taipei: iPhone Photo Dump #2

Time for another round of iPhone photos. We’re actually in my grandma’s home city of Taichung now, to celebrate Chinese New Year with the extended family. Family from Chicago and the DC area have joined us here at grandma’s for a mini-reunion, which is what Chinese New Year is all about.

In the unlikeliest of places, an underground used bookstore underneath YongKong St., Matty finds a 1975 printing of "Precision Journalism," by Philip Meyer, the father of data journalism.

Yeah, I'm four years old.
As part of Chinese New Year tradition, we honored Heaven and Earth by following the ritual of sacrifice to the ancestors, uniting ourselves with living members who had died. We sacrificed money and clothing.
Matty dives into a family game of mahjong, learning some Chinese characters along the way.

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    1. I never actually tried the Nips. They could be delicious, but then I’d be in a situation where I was exclaiming, “Nips are so tasty”…

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