Taipei: iPhone Photo Dump #1

TAIPEI, TAIWAN — Sure, we’re taking real photos while we’re here on this constantly hustling, bustling food lover’s paradise of an island to celebrate Chinese New Year. But the quirkiest moments I catch with the old iPhone camera, and many times, not in very good focus. Here goes…

An iconic sign for an iconic memorial. You can't enter the Chiang Kai Shek (father of Taiwan) Memorial in your "slovenly" dress. The armed guards flanking both sides of Mr. Chiang don't move, so I'm not sure there's any actual enforcement of this.
In the seafaring town of Danshui, north of Taipei, we stumbled upon fishiegoodies. Had to check it out. No real "fishiegoodies" were to be found, just a 8x8 room with some photos of old fishermen.
A good scooter can move more household infrastructure than you'd think.
Way before pork belly was a fave for trendy gourmet chefs at four star New American restaurants, the Taiwanese were serving it up in the streets.
This expat bar, featuring this "Wheel of Drinks," deserves an entire post of its own. For now I will say we did not try the wheel, I did not dance atop the bar as I did 10 years ago, and we very much enjoyed the cover band aptly named "Five Minutes to Clown".

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