How about this for getting a little slice of Americana. This boy Nate decides we should go to Hartsburg, a little town littler than Columbia, located down by the Missouri River. There’s this so-called bar there that was to have a hick music jam session yesterday afternoon. But we get lost on the way there, so we get to see lots of back road, (and I mean those paved with a mixture of gravel and cow dung,) Missouri. We finally get to this so called bar called Cooper’s Landing. Im sorry I cannot provide the link to the bar’s website, as they do not have one. But no big loss, because this place was a brown shack that was a bar/pharmacy/bait shop/restaurant/laundromat. I laughed, I thought it was all such an adventure. But it gets better.

We needed directions, so Nate asks this woman inside how to get to another random mid-Missouri bar/bait shop, and she doesnt know. So she says, go ask Chuck. We say, “who’s Chuck?” To which she replies, he is out by the van. That’s right, Chuck is a man who lives in a van down by the river. Only, he’s not your typical motivational speaker. We knock on Chuck’s curtained van windows, and he opens the door. The smell of pot comes rushing out into our faces. Three Jerry Garcia looking men are sitting inside. We ID Chuck and ask him where to go. Whaddya know though, he didnt really have a clue. It could be because of the weed/hash mixture he was so dilligently working on in the van, but I don’t wish to speculate. A fun day, nonetheless.

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