Election day was yesterday. Nothing extremely compelling was being decided, but because I am one of the minions involved journalism here in Columbia, Missouri, I had the fortune to spend most my Tuesday at a local polling place. YEEEEAH. I went to Shepard Elementary School, where people walked by me and voted a lot, (suprise suprise), and where I went live at 5 and 6. My five appearance was generally a disaster. I’d been chewed out my County Clerk Wendy Noren and then shoved out the door by my producer to go live, because that is what I do. So, I get there close to the wire with essentially not much to talk about and too much time in which to talk. A wacko decides to try and make a TV appearance WHILE Im on the air. Luckily, he poked his head in the shot as video was rolling over my talking, but how about that for helping you concentrate on what’s going on?! Oh well. Its doubtful many people watch the 5:00 news anyhow.

I am underplaying the verbal assault from Wendy Noren, a CITY OFFICIAL, but it’s because sticks and stones….ya know. The day improved by around midnight, when about a dozen of us went to a local bar and acted obnoxious.


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