So, its going to say this is Tuesday but this entry is really for Monday. I got back into the general assignment reporting thing today and one-man-banded a story on parent complaints to the Columbia school board on mold. Thank goodness my friend Julia was covering the story for the local paper and we were both at the school board meeting tonight because I didn’t actually get the name of one of the women who I ended up using for my package….had to sneak out in order to turn the story for the ten….but Julia got it and we were able to “converge.”

Yeah, did something funny with my ankle as I was lugging my tripod and $8,000 camera into the school board meeting while in uncomfortable heels, but otherwise the story ended up decent. I would say it was good, if only my shooting skills weren’t so piss poor. I have had the luxury of photographers like Haag and Stacey for so many of my stories that when I have to do it myself, I’m like, ok….now where do I focus again?? It’s fun though.

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