Smoke and Fire

So today I had to brave the 36 degree temps to go to a random house in the country because it had been abandoned for half a decade and then on Wed night burned down. When fire investigators got there they smelled ammonia and then saw old chemical containers and knew immediately it was a meth lab. That’s mid Missouri for ya. And here I was, all by myself with my gear and uncomfortable shoes and trying not to fall into a shed and getting all soot on my face that had to go on camera still….

Then, once I get intvws with an eyewitness and the assistant fire chief and tons of other video (B roll) and go back to the station, they canned my entire story. No news. Not newsworthy, fire was on Wed. I pointed this out in the afternoon assignment meeting when I was told to DO the story, but no one listened to me. Then AFTER I go and do everything, they canned it for the same reason I told them I didn’t want to do it in the first place. AH well, so goes the day of a reporter.

Went to St Louis last night (Thursday) with Haag and we had an incredibly fun time. The best part was when I was sitting there interviewing the bassist of Ryan’s band for our rockumentary and then one of our TV lights starts smoking….it smelled like ass, and Im really suprised the smoke detectors didnt go off. Its a day later but Id be willing to bet it still wreaks down there.

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