Please Stay In Touch

We drove our Nissan up to my great-uncle’s and left it there in Potomac, Maryland, then took an Uber to the airport to make the great trek to South Korea. It was a trek indeed, as it included a false start: the first leg of our journey to San Francisco was canceled due to mechanical errors, plane de-icing taking too long, and timed-out pilots after we were forced to sit on the runway at Dulles for six hours. Pretty miserable. It didn’t make the next two days easy, in which we actually did fly to San Francisco and then on to Seoul’s Incheon Airport. But we are here now.

Since my life in Korea is largely for work, I’ll be blogging a lot at my new work-Tumblr, Elise Goes East. Please follow along and send me any suggestions. The posts will also be available on my public facing Facebook page. So those are two places you can easily reach me. Email or Kakao Talk (EliseHu00) are also methods.

I hope you come and visit.

A New Theme

Last week I learned WordPress now has photo and quote post types, like Tumblr does. The post types are a huge draw for me as a sometimes-Tumblr user, but I am partial to WordPress for all the flexibility it offers. So I loaded up a new theme so that I can take advantage of post types, and I hope to be testing them out with random photos, quotes and multimedia posts in the coming weeks. Things could be glitchy for a bit, but nothing on the scale of’s disaster, which has basically consumed my past two months.