On being a curious explorer for a living

“The best thing about the kind of job I have is that I’m always partially doing what I enjoy, even when I’m working, and the worst thing is that I’m always partially working, even when I’m doing what I enjoy … As long as you’re happy and you’re not burning yourself out, you’d be a fool not to realize that it’s a very fortunate way to live.” –my NPR colleague Linda Holmes, who writes about pop culture

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

“New jobs, and more jobs, good-paying jobs.” -Haircare magnate and former Democratic candidate for Texas Governor, Farouk Shami

Want a job in journalism? Have the patience to deal with me and Ken Rudin? Apply to be a part of the NPR project I’m working on! It’s called Impact of Government (for now) and it’s a local-national collaboration between member stations and NPR to do broadcast and online news focused on how state government affects people. So far, four states are hiring for digital and/or broadcast reporters, and their job descriptions will tell you more (or I can, too). Here’s what we have so far. Questions? Email me.

Digital Reporter (WUSF Tampa)

Multimedia Reporter (WHYY Philadelphia)
Multimedia Reporter (WITF Harrisburg)

OHIO: Cleveland
Broadcast Reporter
Digital Reporter

Broadcast Reporter
Digital Reporter

INDIANA: Bloomington
Broadcast Reporter
Digital Reporter

More jobs in more states coming soon.