Things I’ve Done While Out of Commission, A List

The whole arm popping out of socket situation could have been so much worse that I’m counting my lucky stars that I’m merely stuck in bed in a sling. I just got cleared to return to work, too, so tomorrow I plan on going in, to get off my ass.

A fairly complete list of what I “accomplished” while convalescing this week:

Caught up on the Taylor Swift/Scooter Braun rift
Listened to a recording of Curtis Sittenfeld reading her short story, Creative Differences
Sent articles to friends, according go their individual interests
Reviewed my doctor’s notes from Ireland
Saw an American doctor, got new x-rays
Canceled a bunch of previously scheduled trips and engagements
Started watching Black Mirror based on a handy ranking of all its episodes
Watched the full season of State of the Union
Watched 13 episodes of Jane the Virgin
Saved a list of movies to watch on Netflix based on this “100 Best” list
Read the following books: Trick Mirror by Jia Tolentino, Lifespan by David Sinclair
Approximately ten squats and nine lunges
Made a dessert involving lots of puff pastry
Wrote newsletter
Read some poetry curated by Friend Patrick
Played with Luna with my good arm
Talked on the phone with Friend Janet
Ordered Amazon Fresh
Ordered Amazon Pantry, after learning they were two different offerings
Checked my credit card points
Asked realtor to drive me around to see some houses, since I can’t drive
Updated my DC tenants’ lease
Walked to order a cake, found bakery closed
Walked to another bakery
Intermittently g-chatted with Kat, Reeve, Danny, Fiscus and Mike (individually, not as a group)
Called mom four times

International SOS

We were somewhere near the town of Dingle, taking in these breathtaking sites and letting the girls slide down steep grass-covered boulders at a prehistoric fort on the edge of the land jutting into the Atlantic when I slipped, my right arm overextending back behind my head. I heard two cracks in my shoulder before ending my slide and losing my vision briefly because of the excruciating pain.

There was not a prettier place I could have dramatically dislocated my shoulder, requiring an ambulance ride and copious amounts of morphine. Eventually an x-ray revealed a full dislocation but not fracture, sparing me surgery and allowing the doctor, Tricia, to pop my shoulder back in while I was breathing in huge gulps of some sort of gas to “take the edge off.”

Before and after.

My right arm spent hours out of socket so I’m going to be recovering for several weeks. The health care I received was nothing but caring and thorough and considerate. The doctor even got me tea and toast after popping my arm back. Thank you, Ireland.

A limerick:

To Dingle town we herded the crew
To take in spectacular views
I slipped down a grass boulder
Dislocating my shoulder
Now it’s opiates for the black and blues