Suitcases of Steaks

Spouse Stiles has had the following dreams this week, described to me thusly:

  1. “I was the face of Burger King. Like, the center of all its ad campaigns.”
  2. “I had a suitcase full of steaks. They were like Trump steaks. Prime rib or something, prepackaged.”
  3. “OK we were going through a train station and I had a suitcase of chocolate chip cookies. You could smell them through the outside of the suitcase cause there were so many. And I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to get them through customs. There was a lot of concrete.”

I guess these are better than having nightmares?

3 thoughts on “Suitcases of Steaks

  1. It seems dream-themes series are the order of the day. Mine this week have been all about going on holidays. They were going great until I discovered we were sharing a cottage with Donald Trump, who insisted on having the best room.

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