A Sendoff Song, Written From Lines In A Korean Phrasebook

sample lyrics.
Sample lyrics.

We are (finally) leaving on Sunday to open the aforementioned NPR Seoul bureau. The absurdly talented Adam Cole decided to try and challenge himself to write a K-pop style ballad using only words from a beginner’s Korean phrasebook. The results made me cry with laughter … and delight. So, so overwhelmingly awesome. We need to make this a K-pop hit, y’all.

One thought on “A Sendoff Song, Written From Lines In A Korean Phrasebook

  1. Welcome to Seoul, elise.
    I’m one of very few Twit TNT watchers in Korea (judging from my personal unscientific research of asking friends if they know the show) and sad to see you gone from TNT, and glad to have you here in Korea at the same time.
    When will the office be set up? Will it be an office only? or with a studio? Are you planning to allow visitors? Can I visit you guys after everything settles, so that I can take my howiwatchtwit photos there?(j/k)

    NEways, hope you love your life here in Korea and good luck with everything.

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