Best Day Ever

I say “best day ever” about many days, which then undermines all the other “best day” claims, but Thursday was pretty sweet. I hopped on a train to New York for a Grist Magazine benefit in the evening. But just before leaving, I learned Rob and Phoebe (my favorite live musicians I actually know in real life) from the sadly-split Austin-band The Belleville Outfit were playing a little stage in Soho during happy hour. Lucky for me, I was hanging out in the neighborhood with Friend Matt anyhow, so I got to bring him and his gal pal along for the show. Serendipity rocks. Hearing Rob’s new stuff was a delight.

rob and phoebe from the belleville outfit play a tiny stage in new york.
Rob and Phoebe from The Belleville Outfit play a tiny stage in New York.

The night got better. One of my bucket list items in life is to hang out for a day with comedian David Cross, but IN CHARACTER AS Tobias Fünke. That did not happen. But I got closer — Rob came along to the Grist benefit and we got to laugh uproariously to the comic stylings of Eugene Mirman, Wyatt Cenac and David Cross as David Cross. So I got to meet him afterward. Here we are hanging on the couch. #Psyched!

oh, no big deal, just hanging out on a couch with david cross. (and eugene!)
Oh, no big deal, just hanging out on a couch with DAVID CROSS. (And Eugene!)

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