Day One: The Big Ass Fan in Baggage Claim

LIBERIA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT — The new airport facility was just completed about two weeks ago, we are told. It’s real shiny in there, and to maintain that gleam, a woman haphazardly sweeps nonstop for what could be all day. We were at the airport for more than an hour awaiting the arrival of a Dallas flight that carried friends Chris, Melissa, Brett and Monica. Enter this first clip we shot:

One thought on “Day One: The Big Ass Fan in Baggage Claim

  1. Just catching up on my Hey Elise, after our chat last night and impending HH on Tuesday. This fan is awesome. I was so disappointed that on our recent trip we flew into San Jose and not Liberia and thus did not get to see this big ass fan.

    Also see here:

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