Our Dutch Wedding Planner: Reality TV Star

It’s not just American TV programming that’s drowning in shows about rich people. Our Amsterdam wedding planner, Tim Laan, appears in a Dutch reality show about a bunch of rich girls. I can’t understand the language but Tim explained the premise: One of the rich gals needs a planner for a wedding on the Spanish island of Majorca. From what I can tell, the show is ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ meets ‘Cribs’ with a dash of ‘My Super Sweet Sixteen’. In the clip, the girls are interviewing potential planners, and Tim’s brought in to make a quick proposal. It’s all Dutch to me…

4 thoughts on “Our Dutch Wedding Planner: Reality TV Star

  1. the only understandable part:
    … blaah blaah blaah* “indegoodiebag”…

    *two aa’s — because it’s dutch

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