Yo Ladies

Thanks for the feature, Kim!

So, back when Kim Daniels and I were both at Belo, she at corporate, overseeing blog products and more, me at the TV station, we were both frustrated by fighting inertia to move news delivery into Web 2.0. Now we’re both getting to do all online products, me at The Texas Tribune and she over at Yo Ladies, a female-centric web source she started not-too-long ago.

Kim actually remembered me (probably cause I was calling her all the time to make little fixes to my CSS on my old blog, Political Junkie), and did a quick interview for her Yo Ladies feature this week.

I love how she promotes it with a shout out to NASCAR. Word!

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  1. Saw your comment on twitter about the Southland theme being a “blatant rip off” of the Mad Men opening theme. The music used in Southland is a Portuguese song named Cancao del Mar. It was also used to open the film Primal Fear. The main connection between Southland and Primal Fear is that the creator of Southland, Ann Biderman, wrote Primal Fear.

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