Donau-ing It

This may be the only blogpost I get up this week, since we’re slowing floating down the Danube River in a skinny boat full of German senior citizens. Mom/Dad/brother Roger/Roger’s girlfriend and Mr. Stiles are all here; today we’re in Vienna, yesterday we were in the vinyeards of the Wachau Valley.

Internet access from the boat costs 40 euro an hour so we decided to live without it this week, with the exception of this current sojourn into a Viennese coffee shop to get amped up on caffeine and get a wifi fix.

Vienna’s shockingly beautiful — much like Paris but a totally different feel. Went on a long run along the Danube this morning and things were going well until my brother Roger joined and I suddenly tripped over a metal hook thing jutting out of the concrete. Bit it. Hard. But managed to not-seriously injure myself.

Should mention that the best part of this place, for me. Hot dog stands. Everywhere.

2 thoughts on “Donau-ing It

  1. Oh, I love that city — of course, for a musician it’s hallowed ground. I’ve been a few times, but one time we had about 10 days there, using it as a home base to make forays into Austrian towns and townlets (if you ever get a chance to go to Graz…).

    So with a few completely free days to spend wandering Vienna, I decided to track down Beethoven…turns out in addition to being one of the great artists in all history he was also maybe the worst tenant that ever lived, hahaha.

    Have a great trip!

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