My Car is A Lemon, Continued

The spawn of Satan, I mean, my car, decided to break down in the middle of Dallas rush hour on Friday afternoon. It first started spewing smoke, and just as I began ATTEMPTING to get into the right lane to get off the highway, it stopped running. Just died! I managed to make it to the left shoulder and sat there as cars (that were so backed up they were traveling 10 mph anyway) slowly passed by.

Tow truck dudes named Cary and something else came to rescue me and take me to the nearest dealership. We made it by 6:55pm, and they were closing at 7:00pm. Got it in there and a rental so I could get to the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, Flower Drum Song, playing at Dallas Music Hall.

Yesterday morning, I was awoken by a call from Lenny from the car dealership. He said there were about four things wrong and it would cost $1,400. After a summer of random problems and breakdowns, I have now officially spent more fixing my car than it cost to buy it. Via phone, Dad goes, “Elise, we are going to have to talk about getting rid of your car.” I said, “Can’t wait.”

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