The Chicken Wing And Other Moves

Back in Missouri but boy do I miss San Diego weather!!! It was about 80, dry, sunny, with light breezes from the Northwest the whole week Cary and I were there. We had a pretty SWELL time. I made up some new kung fu moves, appropriately called “The Blade” and “The Chicken Wing.” I also did “grownup” things like go to this jour nalismconvention, where I heard some great advice and insight about my career, got my resume tape ripped apart by news directors from around the country, and overall, learned lots. Met some fun people too. We went out to tons of places in San D, saw Shamu, and ate a lot of fish tacos. Merlo met me and we went as a group down to Tijuana, aka THE DUMP, Mexico. Apparently the Coronas were good, though.

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