AAHHHH! There is a torrential rainstorm going on outside. You know those annoying emergency alert system things that are always just a test? Tonight it wasnt a test. And it was still annoying. Also annoying was driving back from St Louis in my car, because it cannot handle any weather of any sort. Ryan drove it back, but he was cranky and whiny about it the whole time, making the ride altogether unenjoyable.

I had to return the camera equipment once we got into town, so it meant running in the rain from my car to the station and while it was just for a few seconds, we were drenched. What a weather situation….gee whiz.

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  1. It’s nice and sunny here! It’s close to 80 degree weather here in southern Cali! hehe. just thought i’d rub it in! but since i said that, i think it might rain this weekend.  Taiwan is looking on the up and up. i’ll have to fill you in later! take care and stay dry!

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