I am the worst.

Man, the worst thing happened today. I was standing in line for a stall in the women’s bathroom with this other chick in my class and we were talking about how much we hated the class. I said stuff like “I havent gone in about ten days, and its the most boring class ever, i cant sit through it, the teacher is nice but i feel bad cause the class sucks.”

Then, alas, the teacher comes out of one of the stalls. Uhhhhhh. She didnt talk to me. She just washed her hands and I went into the stall she’s just vacated. Then I had to go sit through her class, the one I’d just trashed as she peed.

The one redeeming part of the day was that I actually went to my classes, both of them. Something that hasnt happened in about two weeks. Ive also gotten great compliments on my election coverage work of late, which makes me feel better about having no life lately. There will be respit soon though, Jim English and I are going to go to the Bahamas for the first few days of Thanksgiving break.

I was talking to mom Sunday night, saying I needed to go away by myself for awhile to a remote island and have some Elise time. She said it was ok for me to go to an island, but that I’d have to take someone, a male, with me. I’d talked to Jim that day and was thinking, I havent hung out with my good pal for awhile and may not get a chance to in the near future, so I asked Jimbo to come with. He was like, “are you serious?” but I was, and we are all set to go.

Random, I know. But I’m the queen of randomness, right? Actually, I guess my mom one ups me on that one.

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