Campaign Ads

I’ve been swamped with this important national senate election coming up on Tuesday, and this year since Missouri’s results could affect the rest of the country and the balance of power in the senate so much, the race in my state is really fascinating. Friday they ran a story of mine about this guy who makes all the TV and radio ads for the Republican candidate, Jim Talent. My friend and photog Andrew Haag and I went to his office in the West End in Dallas to do the interview and then edited the interview as a story.

But for a few minutes the consultant, Scott, actually analyzed one of the commercials for me, and you can catch a glimpse of me with Scott as he does his analysis streamed on the web, so you can go here to see me streamed on the web. I thought it was pretty cool. The audio sucks, but neat that our election coverage has gone interactive now.

Anyway Im trying to get some sleep this weekend as I prep for another sleepless few days. Election day is Tuesday! dont forget to vote.

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