Buffalo Wild Wings Wednesdays

I haven’t loaded pics into my computer in a long time because I usually rely on my friend Stacey W to do it for me because he resizes and retouches and crops (boy am I inept), and he is still in London. That explains the lack of photo postings lately. I will have to find an oldie but goodie once I get internet on my computer back. Until then, I will post blog entries from the lovely basement of Middlebush. (Friends not from MU: Middlebush = another ugly building on the part of campus built in the late 60s or something.)

Yesterday was a Wednesday, and Wednesday now equals Karaoke night. It beat LAST Wednesday, when Justin and I were in the Loop (of “from the Loop and I’m proud” fame) and he was holding me up after a dehbilitating sacrifice at the altar of the porcelain gods. (aka hugging the toilet.) Last night he goes, “Remember what you were doing at this time last week?” And I thought, no, not really.

One thought on “Buffalo Wild Wings Wednesdays

  1. i’m enjoying these documented drunk episodes… verrrrry amusing… so u root for the cards over the stros?  i believe i hafta hate u now heh heh heh

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