Email Down

So, I woke up excited to check my email, (as I am a complusive email checker) only to find that I lost network connection. A phone call to Mediacom online followed. The tech support dude on the other end was painfully slow to respond, resulting in a combined twenty minutes or so of wasted silence on the phone. After a total of an hour of QUALITY time with Mediacom Online man, he said he wasnt going to be able to fix my problem, and that he’d send someone out. In a WEEK. So that’s a week without my home connection. Which makes me feel a bit estranged from the world, this being the digital age and all. Write me an email, friends! I will respond in about seven days.

Over the weekend I brought my friends Justin and Sara to St. Louis for the Cardinals-Royals game, the one we won 8-1. Justin blew a good 50 bucks, I’d say, on beer alone. After the victory we went to Patti O’s to celebrate with the sea of humanity, er, crowd that attended the game. There were probably as many drunken Cards fans at that outdoor bar as there were in my graduating class – the one from high school (1,800) – and I’m a little perturbed at Justin for pulling me away from the homeless man with no front teeth that started dancing with me, but then again, homeless men don’t smell too fresh.

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