Does This Bother You?

Wish me luck today. I have to anchor the Saturday six and ten for the last time, and I’m inwardly flipping out because of last week’s disaster of a show. Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong, and we all think it is because of a certain walking curse that will again be in the newsroom today. When things hit the fan last week, it was my first official out of body experience. I was reading, and out of the corner of my eye I could see myself on TV (in the monitors) but I couldnt actually believe that it was me NOR did I have any cognizance of what the hell I was reading. Strange.

On an unrelated note, I smell like smoke. I need to go shower. I tried to prevent the bloke sitting next to me last night from blowing his smoke into my face, but apparently the lines of communication were blocked.

Elise: Would you please quit blowing smoke into my face?

Dude: Does this bother you?


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