Doug Retires

One of my mentors and friends, Doug Fox, retired last week. He worked at WFAA for 25 years or so, and is the best writer I know. He also mentored Mizzou grads (now at networks) Russ Mitchell and Scott Pelley, as well as CNN anchor Paula Zahn. He is seriously awesome. Here’s the story on Foxy, as President Bush calls him. Last summer I was asked to record a bite for his national Emmy nomination tape as one of the “young people” he’s influenced, and in the fall I found out he won, deservingly. When I spoke to him though, he was as humble as always, saying, “After you hang around long enough, those people start thinking you’re actually doing good work.”

Here’s a shot of me, Doug, and photographer Paula McCarter freezing our booties off in DC the day Bush was inaugurated. No one knows Texas politics like Doug Fox. I think I am about to cry. This man is so amazing.

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