Just Stacey’s Head

I sure have done a whole lotta nothing these days. Feels good though. I think I could get used to this…if only I were Hugh Grant’s character in About a Boy, where I was making money off of my dad’s royalties from a stupid Christmas song so I didnt have to have a job. Instead I could sit around and watch game shows all day.

Johnny from my days in Plano was in town for a layover on his way to Utah (that family LOVES to ski). I met up with him at his hotel in STL and we hung out for awhile…good to catch up. I havent gotten my photo uploading thing to work, but tonight I’ll try again. Hell, I have nothing else better to do.

Here’s news director Stacey and me in a photo he likes because he took it with his arm outstretched and it makes it seem like he is just a head. He says, “Hey, look at me. I am just a head. They keep me in a jar. I float around in the newsroom, making sure people are working.”

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