Post-College Pivot

So far, the post-collegiate pivot is going swell. Fiscus (my roomate) and I have zero to do, essentially, and so we pepper our days with trips to dens of consumer crap like Old Navy. On a related note, Old Navy makes the worst commericals on television. on an unrelated note, Fisc has a shot at a job copy editing for Esquire, which is sweet!

Mom ended up making it back for graduation, which was awesome. Except when she came into the studio to watch the 6pm Saturday news I anchor and she took a flash photo, starting a stream of events that basically resulted in me looking like an idiot for a good five seconds on TV. As I’ve said before, good thing no one really watches the news. If I could get my picture uploading function to work, I’d put up a fun picture, but since I cannot, I will just be a tease.

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