Results… from a quiz I just took show that if I were a country, I would be Iraq. What the heck? I just sent the quiz to a few friends to see if this is a joke and everyone just gets Iraq as a result.

So, I’m graduated, and it didn’t feel strange except high school graduation seemed a lot bigger. Oh, perhaps because it was. Gee whiz I’m the master of the obvious. (I didn’t graduate from a big public university in the middle of Missouri for nothing, you know.)

My parents had a “So, what are you going to do with your life” talk with me, which means, I should probably get on that at some point. I’ve decided to chill for a few months and then go crazy job hunting in August. Because I like life chapters to be marked by a definitive start and end, I will begin the job hunt phase with a trip to San Diego for a job fair. Fitting, eh?

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